The Summercamps
Two Teams go on holidays in Lebanon with disbled lebanese.
Mehr HIERLebanon on Stage
Annual Charity Theatre for the activities in Lebanon. Tour with performances throughout Germany.
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Ten months in Lebanon. Education in Culture, Religion and daily visits in the homes.
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Westfalian Peace Prize 2008 and GoldenVictoria 2010
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The Summercamps

Two Teams go on holidays in Lebanon with disbled lebanese.


Lebanon on Stage

Annual Charity Theatre for the activities in Lebanon. Tour with performances throughout Germany.


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The Order of Malta Caravan

Ten months in Lebanon. Education in Culture, Religion and daily visits in the homes.


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Westfalian Peace Prize 2008 and GoldenVictoria 2010


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Lebanon Project Management

  • Marie-Sophie Gross

    *1993 in Munich. After graduating in Ireland in 2012 she participated in the Summercamps for the first time. Since then she has been volunteering for the project and became the Head of of the Lebanonproject in 2018, after completing her Bachelor in Maastricht. 



Management Summercamps

  • Lexi Clary

    * 1991 in Frankfurt. Through contact with the Middle East in Lebanon , she decided to study Middle Eastern Studies in Munich. Since 2009 she travels regularly to Lebanon and after graduating from high school in 2010 participated at the Malteser caravan. In 2012 she took over for the first time the leadership of the summer camps. In 2015 she took over the project management from her sister.


  • Diane Moussa

    *1995 in Lebanon; she graduated in January 2017, with a Bachelor degree in Business Marketing.
    Her first contact with the Order was in the summercamps that she joined in August 2016. Since then, she got more involved in several projects of the Order in Lebanon, and is now managing the CARAVAN Project.

Management Libanon on Stage

  • Nikolaus Striefler

    *born 1995 in Dresden. After graduating from school, he worked as a trader for a solar company while travelling through Southeast Asia and Australia. As economics student in Freiburg, he has furthermore been working at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems. After joining his first summercamps in Lebanon in 2015, he engaged as an actor for Lebanon on Stage in 2016. In 2017 he took over the role as external leader of Libanon on Stage.



Management Project Karim

  • Adelheid Soden

    born 1990 in Landshut. In 2009 she joined the Caravan in Lebanon and has been attending the camps every year since then. She finished her studies in International Economics and Development with a major in Culture and Religious Research in Bayreuth. Since the beginning of 2016 she has been working as a project manager in a cultural foundation in Munich. In the same year she has been given the supervision of the Project Karim. 


  • Dominik Brühl

    born in 1983 in Düsseldorf. After his graduation, doing his army service, he became an officer in the Mountain Infantry in Berchtesgaden. He finished his subsequent studies as an industrial engineer in 2009. During his studies he took part in several internships in Germany, Austria, South Africa, Nigeria and Singapore. He currently lives in Ehreshoven in Cologne and works at the Otto Fuchs Metallwerke KG. Since 2003 he is involved in various projects of the Generation Junger Malteser, including supporting the Lebanon project, many pilgrimages to Lourdes and Lebanon on Stage theater productions.  In 2010 he took charge of the finances for the Lebanon project and for Lebanon on Stage.


  • Richard Böckel

    *1989 in Hanover. After graduating from an english boarding school with an IB-Diploma in 2008, he studied Philosophy, Politics & Economics at Göttingen, Witten/Herdecke und Oxford University. Parallel to his studies Richard became involved in the projects, first as Fundraiser of Romania in Concert in Autumn 2013 and then for Libanon on Stage in Spring 2014. In the following summer Richard took part in his first summer camps in Romania, followed by summer camps in the Lebanon in 2015 and 2016. Since his first summer camp and - besides incorporating and supporting his successors for LOS and RIC - he also took over the Fundraising for the Summercamps in the Lebanon and in Romania. Fun After graduating from University in 2014 and joining a strategic consultancy, Richard now works for an entrepreneur in Munich - he is employed in two companies and is building up a third one together with the entrepreneur. 

Contact Management

  • Madeleine Hövell

    *born 1993 in Hilversum (NL). After school she travelled for 8 months through Chile and Peru and worked as a volunteer in social projects with impoverished children. Back from South America she directly participated in the summer camp in Lebanon. She studied Logistics and Mobility at Hamburg University of Technology and achieved her B.Sc. in March 2016. Next to her studies she got engaged with diverse projects of the Youth Order of Malta (GJM): she participated twice as an actress in the charity theatre ‘Lebanon on Stage’, organised the fundraising concert ‘Romania in Concert’ in Hamburg, she manages the address list for all GJM projects since January 2016 and is looking forward to be part of Lebanon on Stage in 2017 as logistician and actress. She is currently doing an internship at Kuehne+Nagel in Singapore and is applying for a Masters Program in Supply Chain Management. 


  • Alexander Lengerke

    * 1970 in Herford, Germany. After finishing studies of Graphic and Media Design in London in 2000 various work experiences in several Design- and Communication agencies. Self emploeyd since 2005, lives and works in Cologne, germenay. Since 1995 member of the Order of Malta, since 1998 he supports the Community of young Maltesers as a Designer. Since 2006 actor at Lebanon on Stage.

Management Roadshow

  • Philipp Boeselager

    *1992 in Bonn. After his „Abitur“ in Bonn Philipp started studying „philosophy & economics“ in Bayreuth. In the course of his bachelor he participated among other things in an eight month long exchange with an university in the U.S. and completed an internship at the United Nations in New York. Philipp is part of the Libanonprojekt since 2011. After joining the summer camps three times as a volunteer, he took over the leadership of one of the teams for another three years. Next to that he stood on the stage for „Lebanon on Stage“ four times. After he passed on his leading position of one of the summer camp teams, he together with Chiara Thonet took over the initiation and control of the „Roadshow“. 

Project Alumni

  • Theresa Hayessen (geb. Löwenstein)

    *born 1985. In 2004 she took part in the first Summer Camps in Lebanon and got engaged for eight years as an actress at the charity theater Lebanon on Stage . From 2008 till 2010 she took over the project management of the theater project. From 2015 until 2018 she was in charge of the Lebanon project.

  • *1983 in Frankfurt. Mutter von drei Töchtern. Lebt in München.

    Von 2008 bis 2014 leitete sie die Sommercamps und deren Teamleiter. Von 2013 bis 2018 war sie für das Projektmanagement der Karawane zuständig.

  • Clemens Mirbach-Harff

    *1980 Clemens was in charge of the Lebanon Project from 2010 until 2015. Thereafter he handed it over to Theresa Hayssen.

  • Olympia Wimpffen

    From 2013 until 2015 Olympia was in charge of Lebanon on Stage.

  • Felicitas Boeselager

    *1988 From 2010 until 2013 Felicitas was in charge of Lebanon on Stage.

  • Johanna Heereman

    born 1981. Until 2010 Johanna was in charge of the Project Management.

  • Valerie Magnis

    born 1981. From end of 2009 until beginning of 2013 Valerie was in charge of CARAVAN Management. 

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