• Matthias Beverfoerde

    *19.05.1994 Magdeburg Germany Matthias has an older brother and a younger sister and lives near Magdeburg. From 2004-2013 he attended the catholic Norbertusgymnasium in Magdeburg where he graduated in 2013. In 2010 Matthias decided to take a gap year to improve his french and english speaking, so he went 4 months to a family in France and afterwards 6 months to the Oratory-School Reading in Great Britain.

    Being back in Germany, he wanted to take other experience before taking his studys of agriculture. He finally got interested in the project by an ex-caravanist who raved that much, that Matthias decided to try it either.

    He looks very excited foreward, because it will be his first stay in a middle eastern country, furthermore he hopes to benefit of the work with handicapped people same as he did on his first travel to Lourdes.

    His hobbies are playing football or other sports. He also likes hunting and spending time with his friends. Moreover he has a special interest for Art.

  • Paul Aretin

    *1995 in Leipzig, Germany. He has two younger sisters and one younger brother. At the age of six he started primary school at the Evangelisches Schulzentrum in Leipzig. Also at this age he started playing Hockey, which is still one of his favourite hobbies. Besides that he enjoys music, reading and to spend time with friends.

    In grade  10 Paul decided to spend four months at a boarding school in South Africa called “St. Andrew´s College”. Paul enjoyed being at St. Andrew´s school so much, that he wanted to enter a boarding school in Germany as well. So he visited the “Klosterschule Roßleben” for the past two years and graduated in 2013.

    Paul always wanted to take a year abroad between school and university. When some friends told him about CARAVAN he was fascinated by the concept of studying and being engaged in social work at the same time. Paul is very much looking forward to learn more about the culture in the Middle East.

  • Paul Knipper

    *1993, Lübeck  Despite being born in the northern part of Germany, Paul grew up in the Rhineland and attended the Jesuit Aloisiuskolleg in Bonn.  During the 11th class, he spent a year in an Irish all boys’ boarding school, led by Benedictine monks, which increased his language abilities and his interest in foreign cultures, as well as his faith.

    After returning back home and spending one month in a hospital due to the compulsory social internship expected by the Aloisiuskolleg, he discovered his great joy of working with sick and helpless people.

    One year later, following this discovery and also impressed by the positive reports from friends, Paul applied for the Lebanon Project. In summer 2012 he spent 4 weeks in Lebanon, and, being so impressed by the guests, the service and the country, he applied for the CARAVAN.

    He feels very lucky to be part of the CARAVAN, and sees it as an unique opportunity to help needy people, deepen his faith and understand different cultures.

    Paul likes reading, music and dancing. He is also a great fan of the German Hockey Team and loves sport in general.  After the CARAVAN he considers studying law and philosophy or medicine and philosophy.

  • Franz Strachwitz

    *26.01.1993 in Cologne, Germany. He grew up in the western part of Cologne, where he visited primary school, later he graduated  at the Europaschule with the Abitur in 2013. He has one older sister.

    Franz firstly heard about CARAVAN during a social internship at the Malteser Hilfsdienst in 2011.

    He was fascinated about the chance that is offered by the Lebanon Project to young people. The service for the sick and needy combined with the studies in Beirut and strengthening the faith were the most compelling reasons for him to join the project for ten months. He is also looking forward to get in contact with the lebanese culture, arabic language and to meet new people. After his stay in the Lebanon he plans to make a further gap year in asia.

    Franz is also interested in arts, politics, reading books, and travelling.

  • Felix Blumenthal

    Born 1994 in Frankfurt/Main, Felix grew up in a small village near Frankfurt with two older brothers. He graduated from Heinrich-von-Gagern-Gymnasium in June 2013.

    Felix is interested in history, politics, religion and foreign cultures, he likes to go hunting, sailing and to do various kinds of sports. He was group leader of a boy- scout-group for five years. Until he has started to sing, he played the trumpet in the school orchestra for six years.

    Since Felix did not spend a term abroad he intends to make a gap year after school in a foreign country to have new experience, connected with a social practice, the opportunity to get in contact with other cultures and to learn new languages. As he heard of the CARAVAN it inspired his interests because of the combination of these aspects. Felix has not yet worked with handicapped people before, although he had a paralyzed grandmother. He wants to mature by serving needy and weak people and try to let them participate in his own joy of life.

  • Marie Brauchitsch

    *11.01.1995 Bonn, Germany. Marie grew up on the countryside near Bonn, Germany and is the second of four sisters. She attended the "Erzbischöfliches St.-Joseph-Gymnasium", a catholic girls school, in Rheinbach until 10th grade. Then she went to "St. Columba´s College", a boarding school in Dublin, for her last two years of school and she graduated in 2013.

    During her time in Dublin, Marie came in touch with people from different backgrounds such as the Middle East  which resulted in a deepened interest in their cultures and history. When she decided to take out a gap year, she was attracted to the CARAVAN project by it´s great combination of a rich educational programme and the service to people who are less fortunate than her.  She was also motivated by earlier caravanistas to apply to CARAVAN. She considers herself to be lucky being part of the team and hopes that she will gain useful experience from  new tasks and can positively contribute to other people´s lives.

    Marie is interested sports especially horse riding, playing music and hunting. She generally enjoys spending time with a lot of people. After her gap year she hopes to study law.

  • Dorothee Kessel

    *24.3.1994 in Neustrelitz (Mecklenburg Vorpommern) Dorothee grew up as the second out of 4 children. At the age of 10 she moved to the island of Rügen. Except her 10th grade, which she spent in Dublin, Ireland, she visited the „Ernst-Moritz-Arndt- Gymnasium“ in Bergen on Rügen, where she graduated in June 2013.
    Dorothee was certain to spend some time before university getting to know foreign cultures and expecially to give this time to those less fortunate, as she was thrilled by the experiences she could made in Lourdes with the Order of Malta. When she heard about the CARAVAN, she was attracted by the combination of the service for the sick and needy and studies about the Arabic culture and history. She is also interested in increasing her knowledge of other religions, as well as deepening her own faith. Dorothee enjoys singing, playing music, hanging out with friends and traveling.

  • Constantin Beissel

    *03.07.1994 in Bonn. Constantin grew up as the third out of 4 children. Constantin went to his first boarding school in 2005-2006 at the age of 11 in the Aloisiuskolleg in Bonn. One year later he went for four years to Belgian boarding schools. Later on he attended St. Columba’s College in Dublin, Ireland, for three years, where he also graduated in 2013.

    In Ireland he started playing basketball in the Senior Team for three years, and now it is one of his favorite activities. He also enjoys reading and listening to music.

    After graduation, Constantin wanted to take a gap-year to discover new cultures and meet new people. He heard of the CARAVAN from many different friends. He saw it as an opportunity to learn a new language, discover the Muslim faith/ Arabic culture and to be engaged in social work.

  • Pauljo Loe

    *16th of  September 1994, Arnstadt Since the age of three Pauljo lives with his family in Schweinheim, a little village near Bonn. He is the oldest brother of three sisters and one brother, witch he all likes very much. After primary school Pauljo started to visit the catholic Vinzenz Pallotti Kolleg in Rheinbach, were he will make his Abitur in 2013. Apart from that, he went to the Oratory School in England, were he started to notice his interest for foreign countries and different cultures and languages.

    When he heard the first time about the Caravan, he noticed the opportunity to combine these interests with the much greater and nicer duty to bring more love to those people who have a very sad live. Pauljo is sure, that serving the sick with the Caravan is an excellent way to do this.

    Further more he likes playing football, table tennis or reading books as well as he alyo enjoys it every time, to spend time with friends or to meet people he didn't know before.

  • Tiziana Pachta-Reyhofen

    *26.11.1994 in Vienna, Austria. Tiziana grew up in Vienna with 2 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers. She attended the Dominikanerinnen School in Vienna, a catholic high school run by nuns. Wanting to increase her cultural experience and to learn a new language Tiziana went abroad to Argentina in 2010, where she attended a bilingual school. Back to Vienna she graduated in June 2013.

    From the moment Tiziana heard about the CARAVAN project from a German friend, she wanted to become part of the next team. It is a great opportunity to help disabled people and come in close contact to the oriental culture. Furthermore it will widen her horizontal view to meet people at University while learning the Arabic language. She hopes that this whole experience will deepen her faith and strengthen her in her future life.

    In her spare time Tiziana enjoys traveling, doing sports such as swimming, playing tennis and horseback riding as well as spending time with her friends.

  • Alfons Rosty-Forgach

    *18.3.1995 in Berlin. Alfons has an older sister and two younger brothers. When he was two years old, his family moved to Mexico-City for three years. After this time he came back to Germany where he lived in Hamburg for nine years. He went to a Catholic primary school (Grundschule St. Antonius) and to a Catholic secondary school (Sophie-Barat-Schule). In 2009 he moved to Munich where he graduated in 2013. When he was 15 years old, he went to New Zealand for half a year, which was a great experience for him.

    Since he loves doing sports, Alfons plays a lot of hockey, loves skiing in the winter and often goes mountain biking in the summer. Furthermore Alfons likes to do Social work. He went to Lourdes with the Order of Malta twice and has already been to Lebanon where he participated to the Easter Camp in 2012. After this first experiences he was sure that he wants to take part in the CARAVAN after his graduation in school.

    Alfons is looking forward to working together in a team to help disabled people who are expelled from the society in Lebanon. Moreover he wants to learn more about the Arabic culture, which he finds very interesting – especially due to the current situation in the Middle East.

  • Alice Müller Blumencron

    *10.05.1995 in Cologne, Germany When she was three years old Alice moved to Berlin where she went to school until her graduation in 2013. She has got two elder sisters and one elder brother.

    In 2010 she attended a student exchange for half a year at "Colegio Santa Ursula" which is a catholic girls school in Santiago de Chile. During her time in South America she learnt how to get along in a foreign country with a different way of life and enjoyed the Christian spirit at school. 

    After her time in Lebanon she would like to study medicine as she loves to work with disabled and sick people. Discovering the Arabic culture will be an experience of life for her. She is happy to get the opportunity of living her faith in a new context and being part of a strong community.

    Alice plays the flute, enjoys drawing and is interested in politics.


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