• Elisabeth Eloy

    Elisabeth grew up as the first of three children, she is half Czech and half French and just graduated from the University of New York in Prague, where she studied mass media and communication. Before attending the New York University she has graduated from the Lycee Francais de Prague from the science major. Even though Elisabeth is 24 years old, she is very excited and looking forward to the project “Caravan” and for the life that awaits her in Libanon. Elisabeth has been involved with the Czech Order of Malta since she has been 15 years old, which was the first time she went to the Lourdes pilgrimage. She has never planned a “ gap year” after finishing her bachelor, but because she heard so many amazing stories from Caravan and the guests, from one day to another she has decided to apply even though she knew she was probably going to be one of the oldest ones. 

  • Felix Male

    *1993 in Vienna

    Felix is the oldest of four siblings. He grew up in Vienna where he graduated from Sir-Karl-Popper-Schule in 2011. He then did the bachelor's programme in Mineral Resources Engineering and the master's programme in Mining at Montanuniversität Leoben, which he graduated from in 2017. Since 2011 he is a volunteer for MALTESER Hospitaldienst Austria where he heard about CARAVAN through friends. After university he didn't want to start to work immediately, which is why he decided to do CARAVAN as a social gap year. In summer his favourite leisure activities are hiking and mountaineering and in winter he likes to go skiing and ski touring.

  • Helena Brauchitsch

    *1999 Bonn

    Helena grew up on the countryside near Bonn, Germany and is the youngest of four sisters. She attended the "Erzbischöfliches St.-Joseph-Gymnasium", a catholic girls school, in Rheinbach until the 10th grade. Then she went to "St. Columba´s College", a boarding school in Dublin, where she graduated in 2017. During her time in boarding school she got in touch with people of many different cultures and gained interest especially in the Middle East. She wanted to get to know this culture more closely but also spent her time helping those less fortunate. Hearing from the project through many alumnis including her sister Marie she was immediately certain that she wanted to be part of the next team. She is also interested in increasing her knowledge of other religions, as well as deepening her own faith. In boarding school Helena played polocrosse and hockey and is generally interested in team sports. She enjoys spending her time with a lot of people and hopes to study law after her gap year.

  • Camilla Westphalen

    *1998 in Frankfurt/Main

    As the second of four children, Camilla grew up near Paderborn. When she was forteen years old, she went to a boarding school in England for two years, before she finished school back in Germany. She first heard of the CARAVAN through a friend and chose it as her gap year because it offers a combination of devoting herself to the sick, experiencing a new culture and learning Arabic. While she gathered first experiences with handicapped people in Lourdes, she is also very interested in studying Arabic, since it might help for her further career path. Camilla´s hobbies are playing the piano, reading and acting.



  • Helene Westerholt

    *1999 in Steinfurt, Germany

    Helene is the youngest of three siblings and grew up near Münster in Germany. She graduated at the Arnold-Janssen-Gymnasium in Neuenkirchen. Before studying event management, she wanted to take a gap year. She got aware of the Caravan through friends and was very excited about the project due to its combination of new cultures and social work In her freetime she danced ballet for over 6 years and played the saxophone for several years in the bigband of her school.

  • Sofía Zell

    *1999 in Munich, Germany.

    Sofía grew up in Munich as the oldest out of four children. She visited the German High School “Luisengymnasium” in Munich, where she graduated in 2017. When she was 15 years old, she spent six months in Madrid with her Spanish grandparents and attended the High School “Montealto”. That experience, besides a couple of student exchanges she did, were so enriching that she realised she wanted to do a gap year before going to University in order to broaden her mind. She first heard of the Lebanon project by visiting “Lebanon on stage” and is now happy to be part of the Caravan because of the perfect combination of learning a new language, discovering the Lebanese culture, politics, history, and religion and working with handicapped people. In her leisure, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, singing, watching movies and doing sports like tennis and jogging.

  • Inés García Lascurain Bernstorff

    *1998 in Mexico City


    Until Inés was 16, she attended the Colegio Alemán Alexander von Humboldt in Mexico City. Afterwards, she attended Schule Schloss Stein, a Boarding School in Bavaria, where she graduated the summer of 2017. She always knew she wanted to do a gap year before starting university to get to know other cultures, learning a new language and doing voluntary work. Her brother, who does a lot of different activities with the order of malta, told her about the caravan. This program provides the exact combination of all aspects that were important for Inés' choice of the perfect gap year. After the year of caravan she wants to study medicine. In her freetime, Ines loves knitting, swimming, rock climbing and playing the clarinet.

  • Sofia Waldorf

    Sofia is the fourth of eight children and grew up in Bonn. In 2017 she graduated at the Erzbischöfliche Liebfrauenschule Bonn. Through her sister who attended the Caravan in 2016, Sofia got to know the Caravan and eventually decided to participate in the project. She is fascinated by the combination of social work, the chance to acquire knowledge of the Arabic language and to learn about more about the culture, the religions and the history of the Middle East. In her free time, Sofia enjoys to spend time with her friends, to do sports such as swimming or volleyball or to read.

  • Margareta Wangenheim

    *1998 in Frankfurt

    Margareta grew up in Frankfurt with one older sister. She graduated in 2017 from the European School in Frankfurt with a European Baccalaureate. At School, she got in contact with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and thus became very interested in them. After hearing about CARAVAN from several people, who shared their experiences with her, she got interested in this project. After she saw the Lebanon on Stage play she was convinced that CARAVAN was the right project for her gap year. In Lebanon, she wants to increase her knowledge in the Arabic language, learn about the Middle Eastern culture, history and politics. She looks forward to help the less fortunate and to deepen her faith. Furthermore, she hopes that CARAVAN will help her to figure out what studies she wants to pursue afterwards. Margareta enjoys horse riding, travelling and cooking. 

  • Aloys de Lobkowicz

    Half-French and Half-Czech, Aloys grew up in Brussels and is now 25 years old. After his Baccalaureate, he came to France to begin his studies in business & finance in Lyon. At the end of his studies, looking forward for an experience in the service of the others, he came to Lebanon instead of doing his university exchange semester. Through the Caravan he wants to discover the Middle East, to get to know a new culture and to engage himself in the service.

  • Marguerita Alting von Geusau



  • Philipp Wedel

  • Antoine Breteau

    Antoine joined the CARAVAN in January 2018.


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