• Jakob La Rosée

    *31.07.1997 in Cologne, Germany

    Jakob is the second of six children and lives in Bonn. From 2003-2007 he visited the Hans-Christian-Andersen Schule in Cologne. Then, from 2007-2012 he attended the Erzbischöfliche Liebfrauenschule in Cologne until he moved to Bonn in 2012 and graduated at Carl-von-Ossietzky Gymnasium in 2015.

    In 2014, Jakob took part in a pilgrimage to Lourdes with sick and disabled people with the Order of Malta. Impressed by this first contact with social work and convinced by some ex-caravanists, he decided to dare the experiment and applied for CARAVAN.

    He wanted to spend a year abroad and was attracted by the concept of the combination of social work, education and Christian faith. He is also interested in culture and conflict in the Middle East. Jakob is looking forward to get to know the team, meet new people and to be part of a strong community. He hopes to grow in various fields, broaden his horizon and gain experience for his whole life.

    Jakob loves music, he plays cello and piano and sometimes Djs at parties. He likes playing football and skiing.

  • Emanuel Aulock

    *7th of April 1996, Frankfurt/Main

    Emanuel spent his childhood in Schwerin, where he lived from 1998 until 2011. He went to a catholic primary school and to a humaniastic high school.

    With his three elder brothers he spent lot of the time playing football. This is also today his favorite hobby.

    In 2011 Emanuel and his family moved to Münster/Westfalen. From January until April 2013 he went to a boarding school in England.

    Since the brothers left home he tried to be a good brother for his two younger sisters.


    Emanuel got his first contact to the Libanon-Projekt through his eldest brother, who was in the Carvan in 2010/11. Also the theatre-project Libanon-on-stage was a yearly indirct meeting with the people from Libanon.

  • Blanche Thomas

    27.03.1998 in Tours, France.

    Blanche is the oldest sister of two brothers and three sisters. She moved a lot because of her father’s job. She studied at the roman catholic college Ste Jehanne d’Arc, where she had her FR GCSE. Then, she studied at the secondary school in the military school of St Cyr, a wonderful school where she learnt how to live as a boarder in a peaceful and joyful atmosphere.

    She travelled one week to Lebanon five years ago, and she enjoyed a lot her trip. That is why since this time, she wanted to return to Lebanon with Caravane ; she has always been interested by oriental culture, and this project will allow her to link this dream and her wish to help the needed.

  • Berenike Spankeren

    Berenike was born as the third child out of four in Munich. Her older brothers already study, while her younger sister still goes to school. Berenike lives in Walberberg, a small village between Cologne and Bonn. There she went to primary school and afterwards to the “Europaschule-Bornheim“ where she graduated in 2015. When she was sixteen she went to Great Britain for six months.

    Since Berenike is six years old she plays the bassoon also she loves to be with her friends and family and do sports.

    After her oldest brother went to Argentina for one year, she always wanted to make a gap year after finishing school, to get to know other cultures and their lifestyles. She is very glad to be a part of the Caravan this year and is exited to get to know the Lebanese culture and at the same time get the chance to help the sick and needy. 

  • Henriette Steifensand

    * 20.2. 1997

    Henriette grew up as the fourth out of 5 children in Frankfurt. When she was 15, she and her family moved from Frankfurt to Braunschweig, where she visited the German High School  „Wilhelm-Gymnasium“ specialising in classical languages ( Ancient Greek and Latin). Henriette graduated school in June 2015 with the High School Graduation Certificate.

    Since Henriette did not spend a year abroad while school she intends to do a gap year after school. Therefore she heard of CARAVAN and was impressed of the program, which includes not only the social practise but also the opportunity to learn about the local cultures and the history of the Middle East. She really looks forward to spend a year filled with many experiences and knowledges about culture, history and politics in Libanon.

    In her spare time Henriette is interested in history and politics. Moreover she joined a Fieldhockey-Club in Germany and played the piano for many years.

  • Anastasia Decken

    Anastasia is 19 years old and living in Berlin. In her spare time she likes to meet friends,create clothes and travel. She has grown up in a family with 2 sisters and 3 brothers, soshe accustomed to live together with many other people. As a 16 years old Anastasiaattended a boarding school for one year in Italy. Her stay in Italy showed, what a greatexperience it could be to live for a longer period in another country, to get to know newpeople and a new culture, although Italy is not that different from Germany. Anastasiadecided to take part at the Lebanese Caravan-Project, because she is inspired by the ideato live in another exciting country, to work in a team and to help other people.

  • Victor Rosty-Forgàch

    * 17th of June 1997 in Essen

    He has three siblings, two brothers and one sister. He went to the primary school St. Antonius Grundschule in Hamburg. Up until the age 12 he went to the Sophie-Barat-Schule in Hamburg and then moved to Munich to graduate in 2015 at the Otfried-Preußler-Gymnasium.

    He likes reading, traveling and enjoying time with his friends. He loves doing sports, especially Tennis, Hockey and Football. 

    He got to know the project through his two siblings who were also part of the project. Last year he spent Easter in Lebanon. After having an amazing time doing the Easter camp and getting to know the culture of Lebanon he got convinced to spend his gap-year there as well.

  • Loretta Jobe

    Born on 13.9.1995

    Loretta is from Munich in Germany and has four younger siblings.

    When she was three, she moved to Cologne and lived there for seven years. Upon her transition to secondary school, she returned to Munich and in 2011, she transferred to a Jesuit boarding school in the middle of the blackforest. She graduated in 2014.

    As a member of the CARAVAN Loretta wants to bring joy and love into the life of others. She is very excited to get to know Lebanon and to learn some Arabic.

  • Antoine Bouqueau

    Antoine is 21 years old. He likes traveling, enjoying his time with friends, studying international history and getting to know new cultures. After one month of camp during the summer 2015, he immediatly decided to join the project CARAVAN. During his stay in the camp he fell in love whit the guest and the project and the country. 

  • Heinrich Solf

    * April 18th 1997 in Friedberg, Bayern. Heini lives in a town close to Frankfurt. He graduated from School in June 2015 and wants to study Psychology in Hall in Tirol, Austria after his time in Lebanon.

    He was sure that he wanted to spend a year doing social work between his graduation and university, so he talked to his sister Benedicta, who did the Caravan in 2012 and was immediately interested to join the Caravan. His main motivations was to give the disabled in their homes the time of their lives, to learn about the culture, traditions and religions In Lebanon and to strengthen his faith. He likes spending time with friends and travelling.

  • Alessa Strasoldo

    Born on November 1st. 1996 in Madrid, Spain.

    She has a younger sister and a younger brother. At the age of six she started primary school at the St. Antonius Grundschule in Hamburg, Germany. After having completed the secondary school after 10th grade in Hamburg she graduated in 2015 at the Kolleg St. Blasien, a Jesuit boarding school.

    Alessa always planned to take a year abroad after school and before entering university.

    She feels very lucky to be a part of the CARAVAN and appreciates it as a great opportunity to help needy people and, at the same time, to get a deep understanding of the cultures and religions in the Middle East. 


Diane Moussa


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