• Ludmillla Schoenaich-Carolath

    born on 24.10.1995

  • Ida Lobkowicz

    born on 9.3.1996


    Ida is from the Czech Republic, but her family moved there 22 years ago from Germany, therefore she holds both nationalities. She has three older brothers and three older sisters. When she was 13, she changed from a German school in Prague to Hockerill, a boarding school in England. She stayed there until her graduation in 2014. She always wanted to do a Gap Year after school, in order to see other cultures and to be able to help the less fortunate.

    After having participated in the Summercamps 2014, she decided to join CARAVAN, as she was so inspired by the work in the camps and the rich culture of Lebanon. Ida enjoys being outside, listening to music, meeting up with friends and travelling. 



  • Maja Graf

  • Helena Elverfeldt

  • Hugh O'Conor

    * 1996 in Ireland. Hugh O’Conor is from County Roscommon in the West of Ireland. Hugh wants to study history, theology or classical studies at university after his time in Lebanon. Hugh is looking forward to being part of the Caravan Project as it will give him an opportunity to help others that are less fortunate than he. The project will also introduce him to the rich culture of Lebanon and the Middle East.

    Hugh’s hobbies include rugby, Gaelic football, cricket and shooting and he is currently captain of the school rugby team. Hugh has an interest in history, politics and agriculture and loves the outdoors and the wildness of the West of Ireland. He likes nothing better than walking through the countryside with his two Springer Spaniels. 

  • Konstantin Wagner

  • Clemence Noirot-Cosson

    * in 1990 in France.

  • Laura Wehling

  • Nicolaus Limbourg

    * 1995 in Bonn. 

  • Magdalena Kessel

    * born 1996. Magdalena grew up as the third out of 5 children. At the age of 7 she moved to the island of Rügen. She visited the „Ernst-Moritz-Arndt- Gymnasium“ in Bergen on Rügen, where she graduated in June 2014. Magdalena was certain to spend some time before university getting to know foreign cultures and especially to give this time to those less fortunate, as she was thrilled by the experiences she could made in Lourdes with the Order of Malta. Her elder sister was a part of CARAVAN 2013. After one week in Lebanon visiting her, she decided to join CARAVAN too. Magdalena was fascinated by the concept studying and being engaged in social work at the same time. She is also interested in increasing her knowledge of other religions, as well as deepening her own faith. Magdalena enjoys singing, playing music, hanging out with friends and traveling.

  • Johannes von Wrede

    *1995 in Helmstedt, Germany. He has two younger brothers and one elder brother and sister. At the age of six he started primary school at the Elbracht Grundschule in a small village near Bielefeld, where he grew up. When he was 10 years old his father died.

    Even before school he started playing Football, which is still one of his preferred hobbies. Besides that he enjoys music, reading, spending time with friends and playing the drums.

    He graduated from Franz Stock Realschule in June 2011 and in June 2014 he graduated from Reckenberg Berufskolleg as an associated Carpenter.

    After graduation Johannes always wanted to take a gap-year to discover new cultures and meet new people. He heard of the CARAVAN from many different friends. He sees it as an opportunity to learn a new language, discover the Muslim faith next to the Christian Faith and get known to the Arabic culture. Also being engaged in social work with handicapped people.


Diane Moussa


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