• Aglae Kinsky

    * 30.09.1993 in London, England. Aglae lived in London until she was 10 years old when she moved to Berkshire, England. She lived there for 2 years until the age of 12 when she moved to Vienna, Austria where she has lived for the past six years. Aglae has 2 older brothers, 1 older sister, and 1 younger sister. She went to the American International School of Vienna where she did the International Baccalaureate and graduated in June 2012. Aglae was a part of the Libanon Projekt  for a month in the summer of 2011 where she discovered she wanted to join the CARAVAN in her gap year to increase her knowledge of the Arabic language, various religions, and culture and to provide her services to those less fortunate. Aglae enjoys spending time with her friends, indulging in sports such as tennis and basketball, and takes pleasure in reading and doing art. After the CARAVAN Aglae would like to study History and Arabic in England.

  • Benedicta Solf

    *1993, Munich. Benedicta grew up in Kronberg, a city near Frankfurt, Germany. There she attended the catholic girls school "St. Angela ". From 14 onwards she has travelled every year to Lourdes with the Order of Malta. She has always loved working with the disabled children there and looked forward to it every year. After 10th grade she decided to attend a boarding school in Dublin. This experience deepened her interest in foreign cultures and people. She heard about CARAVAN from a few friends, who shared their experiences with her. She immediately knew that that was something she wanted to do for her Gap Year. In Lebanon, Benedicta wants to deepen her faith, help the children and gain a greater knowledge of the culture and history of the Middle East. After Caravan she wants to study Economics, Politcs and Philosophy in Germany. In her spare time, Benedicta loves reading, swimming, playing tennis and meeting friends. She feels that she is extremely lucky to be part of the team and looks forward to the 10 months in Lebanon. 

  • Callum Shaw

    * 4th January 1993. Callum grew up in the South West of England and went to boarding school in Winchester, Hampshire, graduating in 2011. His first experience with handicapped children and adults was with the Order of Malta in Lourdes. Now he wants the chance to extend his interaction with handicapped people, and strengthen his relationship with the Order of Malta. He has not chosen a profession or a university, but trusts that CARAVAN will help him move in the right direction.
    He has enjoyed playing the piano and violin (mostly for Classical music) and has taken part in orchestras, small ensembles and played solo. Because he studied Latin and Greek, he likes learning languages and has taught himself Italian. He looks forward to learning an exotic language (by which he means, 'very unlike European languages') such as Arabic. He thinks that the language is an essential part to understanding the culture of a country.

    He has also worked on a farm and taught English to Italian and Turkish students. He likes to play tennis, ski and go hill walking in his free time. He especially enjoys playing chess.

  • Charlotte de Kervenoaël

    11-05-1991, near Poitiers, France. She is the youngest of 5 children. She studied for three years in the Western Catholic University in Angers to get a Degree in foreign languages. She passed a one-year master’s degree in international business in Nanterre (Paris X). She has participated and organized several summer and winter camps for children. Charlotte was attracted to the CARAVAN project as soon as she heard about it! So, she decided to take a gap year to help other people, to deepen her faith, to fulfill herself and to experience another culture and life in Lebanon. She will do her best to make this CARAVAN project a success! Charlotte also enjoys playing tennis, reading, travelling. After the CARAVAN, she is planning on studying NGO Management and Organizational Development in Paris.

  • Georgina Plesser

    * 4.2.1994 in Palma de Mallorca. Being the daughter of a Spanish mother and a German father, she grew up in Bad Homburg where she went to school until 2009.  Since then she attended Aloisiuskolleg, a Jesuit Boarding School in Bonn where she graduated in 2012. As her school is catholic, the religious spirit of the school influenced her daily life. Georgina could gain her first experiences with disabled people in a five‐week social internship in a school for children with mental and physical handicap. In addition, she knew that she wanted to take a social gap year after graduation in order to focus on those people who are often forgotten by society and need support. When acquaintances who participated in the summer camps and CARAVAN told her about their unique experiences in Lebanon, she knew that CARAVAN was the project she wanted to be part of in her gap year. Her favorite subjects at school were Italian, Mathematics and History and she is very excited about learning new languages and getting to know new cultures. Besides school her activities are playing tennis, swimming, enjoying time with friends and travelling.

  • Jakob Auer

    *01.03.1994 Munich, Germany.
    Jakob has two younger brothers and one younger sister. He attended an integration- kindergarden where he had his first contacts to disabled children. Later he graduated at the „Wilhelmsgymnasium“ in Munich in 2012.             
      A few years ago Jakob decided to take a gap year after school and when he heard about CARAVAN for the first time, he was enthused by the combination of social work and studying a different culture. Jakob is looking forward to new experiences he will make in Lebanon. He is generally interested into history and politics, so the Middle East is the perfect place zu see worldpolitic happening. Besides he likes reading, music and spending time with friends.
    After CARAVAN he wants to study law.

  • Julius Stauffenberg

    * 17.08.1993 Berlin, is the oldest of 5 brothers. Since 2003 Julius has been attending the Canisius-Kolleg in Berlin, a catholic high school directed by Jesuits. In 2009 Julius attended a school in Maryland, USA, to improve his English and experience the American culture for half a year. In 2011 he participated in a pilgrimage with the Order of Malta to Lourdes to serve sick and disabled people. In Lourdes Julius understood what happiness really means, which is why he decided to join CARAVAN to help people in need after graduation. Besides CARAVAN offers him the great chance to experience a foreign culture and religion, to deepen his own Christian faith and eventually may help him to find out what to study. Julius enjoys travelling, listening to music, dancing, climbing mountains, skiing, playing the piano and soccer.

  • Maxime de Hennin

    Born on the 17th September 1990 in Paris, has lived in London from the age of 5 onwards.  Maxime has 3 younger sisters and attended Colet Court day school in London followed by boarding at Eton from the age of 13 onwards.  He has just graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a BSC in Biology (Molecular Genetics).  Maxime went with the Order of Malta to Lourdes twice, and has also spent summers helping organize and run cub scout camps in Belgium.  He has found looking after the disabled to be very rewarding, and met some of his best and most interesting friends through the Order.  He found out about CARAVAN initially by accident, but found it so interesting as a project that he researched it, applied and is now very much looking forward to it!

    Maxime is fluent in French and English, enjoys dancing, reading, singing and learning about anything to do with the history of Islam or the Middle East.

  • Paul Bechtolsheim

    *15.5.1994 Dresden, Germany.
    Paul has one older and two younger brothers. When he was three years old, his family moved to Bavaria and now lives near Munich. From up there he attended the „Rainer-Maria-Rilke-Gymnasium Icking“. Since the 7th grade he attended the „Staffelsee-Gymnasium Murnau“ and graduated there in June 2012. A few years ago Paul decided to take a gap year after school and when he heard about CARAVAN in winter 2011 for the first time, he was enthused by the combination of social work and studying the Middle Eastern culture. Paul is looking forward to new experiences he will make in Libanon. He generally is interested in history and the way of life of other people. Paul loves to do sports like football, table tennis or dancing. Besides he likes reading, music and spending time with friends.
    After CARAVAN he wants to study law.


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