• Amelie Krecu

    *5.10.1992 Schongau, southern Germany. Amelie was born as the third out of five children, she has two brothers and two sisters. Since fifth grade she had been attending “Benediktinergymnasium Ettal”, a catholic school run by Benedictine monks where she graduated in June 2011. Despite the fact that she was raised in the countryside she soon discovered her passion for foreign cultures. Wanting to increase her cultural experience she went abroad to the United States, where she attended a catholic school by the Legionaries of Christ for a year, 2008-2009. After her return she read a book about Mother Teresa whereupon she decided to do something charitable after her Abitur. When she first heard about the CARAVAN in November 2010 she immediately knew that that is what she wanted to do to help the poor, sick and needy. She also appreciates the opportunity to combine the experience of helping others with the chance to learn about the Middle East culture. Amelie enjoys playing the violin, singing, reading, traveling, and loves hanging out with her friends. After CARAVAN Amelie is planning on studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

  • Caroline van Weede

    *30.06.1993 in Utrecht, in the Netherlands.  Caroline grew up in Baarn with two brothers and three sisters.
    She just finished her high school. Now she is taking a gap year, because she wants to be challenged in a culture that so far is strange for her. She wants to deepen her faith and learn more about other religions and she loves it that this can be combined with working with children.  She has babysat a lot and she was leader of a camp for children between five and ten years.  She helped her mother with her work to take care of disabled children in a holiday camp. It meant a great support for her because she realized that she really could help this people and that they were glad to be treated tenderly.She likes team sports, horse riding, reading, spending time with her friends and shopping. She is looking forward to the great adventure in Lebanon.

  • Daniel Kemmler

    *07.06.1991 in Filderstadt , Germany. Daniel grew up in a small village (next to Tübingen) where he was Christian educated and passed his Abitur in 2011. During this time he worked in his summer vacations voluntarily with disabled people and attended with them at their holiday camps in which Daniel also organized some activities for the disabled participants. He did an internship at a kindergarten for disabled children and took part in an exchange program to the Israel at school which rapidly increased his interests for this region. In his spare time Daniel likes reading, playing basketball, cooking and spending time with his friends. After passing his Abitur, Daniel decided to do a social year abroad to help needy people who have essential problems in their country and with their personal circumstances. When he heard about CARAVAN, he immediately knew that he wants to join the project to help the sick and needy and also to learn more about the Arabic culture, Middle East, Islam and of course his own Christian faith in Lebanon with all the other participants. After CARAVAN Daniel wants to study economics, social sciences or psychology.

  • Friedrich Westerholt

    Friedrich was born in Germany in 1987 but has since then lived in County Wicklow, Ireland. In 2006 he graduated from secondary school at Clongowes Wood College SJ and went on to study Biosystems Engineering. Having just finished his degree in University College Dublin, Friedrich decided to take a year out from studying in the hope that this will help him to decide what to do next.
    Friedrich has been attracted to the CARAVAN project as soon as he first heard about it. He is greatly looking forward to learning about a different culture aswell as the Arabic language. The social work offers a great opportunity to learn how rewarding it can be for us to help the less fortunate. Friedrich believes that his participitation in the project will enable him to do his part in helping those who greatly benefit from the CARAVANs mission.

  • Johanna Honsig

    *24.01.1992 in Salzburg, Austria. Johanna grew up in Salzburg. At the age of fourteen she moved to Vienna to attend the "Evangelisches Gymnasium" where she did an apprenticeship as a goldsmith besides highschool. She graduated in June 2011. Johanna decided to take a gap year, in order to help poor people and to dedicate some time to a social project. When hearing about the CARAVAN, she was enthused by the thought of combining the fact of working with unprivileged people and experiencing different cultures and religions at the same time. In addition, Johanna especially looks forward to learning more about the Arabic culture and Islam, as well as her own Christian faith. Johanna loves music and therefore enjoys singing, listening to good music and playing the violin. She indulges in all kinds of sports, such as skiing and swimming. Her favourite pastime is reading, meeting friends, travelling and cooking. After CARAVAN she would like to study history and German language and literature studies.

  • Katharina Hoffmann

    *1979, raised in Bonn. After having graduated in law in Germany and France with specific regard to Constitutional Law and Legal History, she gained administrative experiences in governmental services in Germany as well as in international organizations. Particularly her work for the Dominican delegation at UNESCO in Paris during one year raised the wish to dedicate her life to the cause of dialogue and development aid. To focus on cooperation based on Christian values she decided to spend two months in a monastery for interreligious dialogue in Syria before coming to Lebanon. Looking there for a possibility to work and live, the Caravan proposed her to stay in their apartment. Convinced by the project and the wish to help she decided to participate full time with the Caravan and spent three months in the project of the Order of Malta in Beirut.

  • Leticia Blakiston-Houston

    * 1983, currently studying at Ampleforth College, North Yorkshire Leticia is taking 3 A levels in Art, History and Religious Studies. She hopes to go to university in 2012, to study History of Art. Her time at Ampleforth has taught her to value her catholic religion and to use her talents to help others. Whilst at school she has participated in Friendship holidays helping children with special needs. She has also helped in a charity for disabled mothers and children called Mkombozi in Tanzania. Leticia lives in Northern Ireland. She has worked at a holiday centre in Lisnaskea catering for both disabled and able bodied guests. Leticia enjoys many sports playing hockey, lacrosse and tennis At home she likes to ride, swim and when the opportunity comes, to go skiing. She has an easy friendly personality and is looking forward to working as part of the team of the CARAVAN project learning about other cultures and religions, helping other people while exploring her relationship with her own faith.  She is very lucky to be part of this project.

  • Lucas Martinez

    *12.09.1991 Bensberg. He grew up in Cologne. Since 2001 he has been visiting Aloisiuskolleg, a catholic grammar school in Bonn Bad Godesberg. As his school is run by Jesuits, he has also been taught in spiritual matters. Weekly services, as well as a school sponsored social commitment strongly left their mark on him. In 2008 Lucas has been attending a private boarding school in Canada (Stanstead College) for half a year. During this time he got his first chance to alleviate human suffering in a retirement home. Lucas always knew that he may have a social gap year after school, hence he is longing for new experiences and challenges for a long time. CARAVAN is his first choice. It is his whish to give those who have a lack of love the feeling to be unique and as important as every other human being.Besides, Lucas is looking forward to discovering the Arabic culture by living in it, trying to understand it’s issues with the western world. In his spare time, he likes to give himself to german literature or hanging around with his friends, having great talks. He is passionated about soccer and piano music. After CARAVAN Lucas will study Economics and Philosophy.

  • Mafalda Rosty-Forgách

    * 29.08.1993 Hamburg, Germany. When she was three years old, Mafalda´s family moved to Mexico City, where she started elementary school. In 2000 the family moved back to Hamburg where Mafalda attended Catholic elementary school St. Antonius and then visited the Catholic Secondary School Sophie-Barat-Schule. At an age of 15 she moved with her family to Munich. Here she passed her Abitur at the Gymnasium Pullach (final secondary school examination). When she first heard of the CARAVAN project in Lebanon she was enthusiastic to join and to use her Gap Year before the start of the university accordingly. Mafalda was dedicated to the revision with disabled people earlier. In 2008 she completed an internship in a social workshop for the disabled in Hamburg and in 2010 she participated in an organized Pilgrimage of the Maltese to Lourdes. With three younger brothers (16, 14 and 10 years) Mafalda has learned to take responsibility. In her spare time Mafalda likes to do horse-riding, meeting with friends and swimming.

  • Matthieu Michel

    * 18.11.1991, Switzerland. Born and raised in Fribourg, Matthieu left for the United States in 2004, where he studied at the French-American School of New York until 2008. Then he came back to the homeland to pass his Matura in 2011. He was serving in the Swiss Army, and plans on studying physics at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne. Matthieu has entered the Swiss Order of Malta in 2003 in the scouting section, where he is currently chief.  There he met Stéphane de Weck, who first told him about the CARAVAN as he had taken part to this project in 2010.  Also with the Order, Matthieu went on pilgrimages to Lourdes. He is looking forward to helping the sick in Lebanon as well. In his rare spare time, he enjoys to do sports such as indoor hockey, sailing, hiking, and biking. And of course he plays billiards with Stéphane once in a while.

  • Maximilian Schober

    *27.4.1992 in Munich, Germany. Maximilian grew up in Munich. He has one younger and one older brother and attended the Pater-Rupert-Mayer-Gymnasium, a Catholic school near Munich, until the 10th grade. Since the 11th grade he attended the Kleines private Lehrinstitut Derksen and graduated there. Two years ago he started playing guitar and bass. Maximilian loves to play music with other people.

    Maximilian decided to take a gap year, to help other people and to experience the culture and life in another country. When he first heard about the CARAVAN project, he was enthused by the combination of helping the sick and poor and studies about Arabic culture.

    After CARAVAN he wants to go to the university, but he doesn´t know what he wants to study just yet.

  • Moritz Hantelmann

    * 23.04.1991 in Hamburg, Germany, where he grew up and went so school untill the age of 17. Since 2008 he visited the Aloisiuskolleg, a Jesuit Boarding School in Bonn-Bad Godesberg. He was graduated in June 2011. The Jesuit education influenced him very much and created his desire to do something usefull for people, who are less lucky than he. He gained basic experience in a five-week social internship. Then he heard about CARAVAN and knew immediately, that he had found the most perfect project. Moritz is very much interested in politics. Economics, religion, and history were his favorite subjects at school. His sports are shooting, Golf and sailing. Beside that Moritz is extremely fond of music: he plays the french horn and as a child he sang as a soprano in a boys choir for six years. He is passionately watching theatre plays and operas. Moritz is very much looking forward to learning the arabic language and living and working in an international group of young people in a country with a completely different culture. After the CARAVAN, he wants to study law.

  • Sophie Koskul

    *01.11.1990 in Rosenheim, Germany. Sophie grew up in Rosenheim with five sisters and brothers. She got involved with leading a youth group at the local church commune and holiday camps for children at the Association of the Baltic Noble Corporations until the time she decided to spend one year in Tartu, Estonia.While there, she attended the local Gymnasium (Mart-Reiniku-Gümnaasium). Once back in Germany, she graduated from her high school in June 2010. The year abroad aroused Sophie’s interest in foreign countries, cultures and languages. In the summer of 2009 she attended the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem’s summer camp in southern Bavaria, where she gained first-hand experience in caring about people with disabilities. Sophie is looking forward to this unique opportunity in Lebanon to combine her interests in both caring about people less fortunate than she is and to learn about Middle Eastern culture and the Arabic language. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, horseback riding, dancing, playing music and travelling.

  • Suzanne Dillon

    * 1988, from Ireland. Suzanne has a degree in addiction studies and counseling. She is involved with the Limerick unit of the Order Of Malta Ambulance Corps and is also involved in groups within her community for people with mental health difficulties and also working with special needs children and their families. In her spare time Suzanne is a web designer and a keen blog writer. She enjoys travelling and has been to South Africa and throughout Europe on her adventures. Suzanne’s hopes and dreams for participating in Project CARAVAN are wide and varied including looking at how as a team they can make a difference to the lives of the people they will interact with - it is also imperative that she explore her faith while in Lebanon.

  • Therese Alten

    * March 5, 1992, was raised in Frankfurt/Main, where she attended elementary and secondary school. In 10th grade she participated in an intercultural exchange program and spent a year in Puebla, Mexico. She graduated from Heinrich-von-Gagern-Gymnasium in June 2010. Not sure what to study, she decided to take a gap year. From July 2010 on she spent 5 months in Brussels, Belgium, to learn French. As she is really interested in languages, cultures and out-of-the-box-experiences, the CARAVAN-project caught her eye. Therese has never before taken part in a project with handicapped people, but is is really looking forward to having the chance to live this eye-opening experience in the Libanon. She enjoys creating new things, such as cloths and to write. Throughout secondary school she played a role in different theater productions, for which acting became one of her, many passions.


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