• Alberto O'Naghten

    11.11.1986 in Miami, Florida. He graduated from Belen Jesuit Preparatory School in 2005. Through his primary and secondary schooling he had vast involvement with the Order of Malta. Alberto was part of the Cuban Association’s Malta Youth Corps where he had volunteered weekly at Mercy Hospital. Albert also has helped the Cuban Association the packaging and sending medical supplies to the Dominican Republic. He had gained leadership roles within Boy Scouts as a patrol leader and president of Crew 43 and the Malta Youth Corps. He decided to study in St. Louis University at the Madrid campus in Spain and will graduate in December of 2009. Alberto has been exposed to working in the banking sector through three internships located in three different cities: Miami, Madrid and New York.
    Alberto enjoys to read, play dominos and play the bass.

  • Ann-Sophie Moreau

    *01.08.1991 in Heidelberg, Germany, grew up near Passau as a sister of 3 younger brothers. She spent one year in a boarding school in Scotland (Glenalmond College) and graduated from her german school (Maristengmynasium Fürstenzell) in June 2010.
    She has a strong interest in foreign languages, cultures and international relations and participated in MUN (Model United Nations). She is very much looking forward to discovering the Arabic culture and learning the lebanese language. She is of the opinion that intercultural communication can only be done by showing real interest, living in the country and understanding the other culture.
    In her pastime she enjoys dancing, singing, playing music, skiing and laughing with friends.
    Ann Sophie is very excited about her time in Lebanon with her companions and about serving in Deir el Salib.

  • Antonius Aulock

    Antonius was born 04.02.1992 in Cologne, Germany. He finished school in 2010 in Schwerin.
    He first heard from the Lebanon project by visiting the first ''Lebanon on stage''. He was all for it and wanted to join a summer camp, but unfortunately he was too young and had to wait some years.
    He collected some experiences with handicapped people by taking part in the pilgrimage of the „Order of Malta“ to Lourdes.
    In school his priority was music. He was member of the youth-choir and played trombone in the school's big band. He also was a member of the „Landes-Jugendorchester Mecklenburg-Vorpommern“.
    In his free time he likes to play trombone and drums. He also takes pleasure in working at farms.
    After the CARAVAN he is going to do his military-service for two years and then take up his studies.

  • Caroline Lasson

    * 8 June 1987 as the youngest of three children in Oettingen, Germany where she lived until she graduated from high school in 2006. She then studied Economics in Göttingen, Munich and Padova and will (presumablyJ) finish her studies in December 2009 as a Bachelor of Arts.
    In the last years she participated in the summer camps in Romania and Jordan which took place there due to the war before finally going to Lebanon. It was great to see the “real” camp afterwards, but she also enjoyed a lot the pioneering and improvisational character of the first ones.

    She is happy to be able now to deepen these intensive but short experiences by spending a longer period of time in Lebanon and is very excited about learning Arabic.

  • Cecily Bernstorff

    *07.10.1991 in London. When she was 2 years old she moved to Germany. She went to the Norbertgymnasium near Cologne and graduated in June 2010.

    Her gap year will be taking part in the CARAVAN. Caring about people with disabilities is something she experienced during the two times she went to Lourdes with the Order of Malta. She is looking forward to the CRAVAN because it will bring her into contact with a completely different culture whilst she can also help children or young people less fortunate than she is.
    Next year she wants to start a diplomatic career. She will get an insight into Arabic countries and into the language which is an advantage and will possibly show her whether her choice of career is correct.
    Her hobbies are playing tennis and volleyball and horse riding, although she also loves to read a good book in her free time or hang around with her three brothers.

  • Elisalex Clary

    was born 11.3.1991 in Frankfurt / Main, grew up near Darmstadt, since 2007 she visited a Jesuit boarding school, Aloisiuskolleg in Bonn, Graduation in June 2010.
    Initial experience with handicapped she collected over a 5-week internship in a school for disabled children in Bonn and in multiple pilgrimages to Lourdes with the Order of Malta.
    With project Lebanon and also with Lebanon on stage she came in touch early due to her older sisters’ long-term commitment to these projects.  She also toured several plays with LOS. In 2009 she participated in a summer camp in Lebanon and decided to join CARAVAN after graduation.  

  • Eoin O'Conor

    Eoin O'Conor is from the west of Ireland and was born in 1992. He is currently at boarding school and after his exams he hopes to take a Gap Year before going to university. He wants to be on the Caravan Team as he feels it would give him the perfect opportunity to do something worthwhile with his year out. The Caravan Project would offer him the chance to help others and not just himself (for a change)! After the Gap Year he hopes to study history at Trinity College Dublin.
    His hobbies include rugby, cricket, shooting and fishing. Rugby is his favorite sport and he plays on the school team. For him it is the physicality of the sport but also the camaraderie involved in it, which appeals to him.

  • Gonzague d`Harambure

    Gonzague is a 23 year-old French guy, and has been studying for 5 years in a French Business School (ESSCA, Angers) to get a Master Degree in Finance.
    Now he is taking a gap year to get a personal construction before starting to look for a job in a bank. He loves adventure, he loves travelling, he loves talking with foreign people. He has 2 dreams in his life: speaking 5 languages, and playing piano. He already took part to an International Summer Camp of the Order of Malta in France, a few years ago, and it was a great experience to him! Therefore, he will do his best to make this CARAVAN project being a success, in learning time and helping mission.

  • Julia Bimler

    Julia Bimler (born 18.02.1987) was raised in Munich, where she attended the International School.  She later attended a boarding school in England, where she wrote her A-levels in English Literature, History, Business Studies and Art.  Since then she has pursued her interests in Middle East Politics and History through her university studies, various internships and work experience. In July 2009 she graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies (London) with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and History. The CARAVAN project will be Julia’s first visit to the region. She is looking forward to work in such a unique environment and enthusiastic to experience the religious and cultural worlds of Christianity and Islam.
    Julia also enjoys sports, playing tennis and squash, as well as swimming. Furthermore, she enjoys reading and art.

  • Mareike Jonczyk

    *17.08.1990 in Viersen, Germany, grew up near Frankfurt and in Budapest as the oldest of 5 sisters and lives now in Viersen again. Currently she visits an episcopal secondary school and will graduate in May 2010. Friends inspired her by telling exciting stories about their experiences with the CARAVAN project to apply for the next opportunity. After the CARAVAN she plans to study cultural sciences.

    On the one hand she loves adventures and being in nature, on the other hand, she loves serious discussions about “God and the World”. Mareike is an active member of a catholic scout organisation – also in leading positions. She is very engaged in her local church community by teaching and preparing young people for their confirmation and by providing service as lector during worship.
    During her leisure time Mareike enjoys playing the piano, painting, practising ballet, reading books and laughing with friends.

  • Marie- Liane de Beauregard

    Marie-Liane 05.02.87 was born and brought up in France and studied History at la Sorbonne where she graduated in 2008. She then completed a one-year masters degree at Durham University. She has been active in the French Scouting movement and enjoyed that experience. She took part in many summer camps in France but also in Africa (Benin) where a six-girls team spent 5 weeks to build a library and a computer room.
    In the course of her secondary education she developed a strong interest in Middle-East and Muslim-Christian dialogue. Throughout her studies and internships, she deepened this interest. Since she started learning Arabic 3 years ago, Marie-Liane has always wanted to go to Lebanon. She sees the CARAVAN project as a fantastic opportunity to experience the diversity and complexity of Middle-East through work and studies. And she is also more than happy to give some time to help and take care of others. 
    Marie-Liane enjoys theatre - she staged a play with friends in Vienna where she has lived for 5 months – reading and travelling.

  • Nicholas Wingfield Digby

    04.11.1987. I have always lived in Dorset (south west England). I went to Harrow School in London and then, without a ‘gap year’, to university at Oxford where I have studied Classics for the past four years. I have just taken my ‘Finals’ exams and am looking forward to starting on the Caravan Project after a much needed month’s break.

    I enjoy learning new languages, and improving those which I already (vaguely) know. French and German are old favourites (though both are severely out of practice – I would be grateful for some help with the German!) and I look forward greatly to learning some Arabic out in Lebanon.

    I love playing and listening to music: I play the piano and double bass and I sing. My music tastes are (I’m afraid) old-fashioned and I prefer classical music on the whole. Reading, travelling in Europe, skiing and tennis are among my favourite pastimes.

  • Pedro Corcuera

    Born 25.12.85 in México D.F., México. Pedro attended Asunción and graduated from Preparatoria Abierta. He has had done several internships since graduation. One was in a law firm in Mexico D.F. His most recent internship was at a rating agency in Peru where he lived for seven months. He entered the Caravan team with the goal of giving himself entirely to the project. Pedro expects that this new chapter in his life will make him grow more as a person and be more aware of the people that need help and love. Pedro’s aspirations are to work in the Public Relations sector. Pedro enjoys reading (especially the classics), listening to music, photography and a good joke.

  • Simon Reiners

    * in Aachen 1990, where he still lives. He attended Holy Spirit School and graduated in June 2010.
    After school he does not really know what he wants to study and therefore wants to take the experience of the CARAVAN project as a support for his decision and also to do something useful.
    Since he was six years old he is voluntary engaged in a scout group which brought him to experience how fulfilling the work with people can be and how necessary the service to the poor and needy is.
    By luck he heard about CARAVAN and he directly knew that his participation is the logical further step in his spotted direction of helping.
    Simon is also interested in sports and music. He enjoys playing football and the piano in his free time. During holidays he loves travelling and learning about other people and cultures and now he is looking forward to getting in touch with Lebanon.

  • Stephane der Weck

    *29.01.87 in Switzerland, he grew up in Bern. He attempted the high school

    in Fribourg, Switzerland, and later in the boarding school of the Abbey of St-Maurice with an interruption to achieve his military duty within the Swiss Army. He obtained then the Swiss federal maturity (human sciences) and wrote a thesis on passive energy buildings. He is taking now a sabbatical year and plans to start an architectural study in the Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich.
    From the age of twelve, he is active in the Swiss Order of Malta (SHOMS) starting in the scout section (EMS) where he is currently chief. Later he joined the "Groupe des Jeunes" section and took part at two international summer camp (Champery and Stams). Also with the Order of Malta, he accompanied regularly his brother for the pilgrimages to Lourdes.
    He has a special interest for photography.

    Although it doesn`t look like, he laughs a lot.

  • Stéphanie Guilhou

    Born 23.08.86 in Paris, France, she passed her school baccalaureate (literary stream) in 2005. She then studied Art History and Archaeology at the Sorbonne University, Paris. Her studies focused on India, South East Asia and Middle Eastern archaeology. For five months in 2009, she worked as a trainee director’s assistant for ‘Solidarités,’ a French emergency aid NGO. For seven years she has been very active in the French scouting movement, having leadership roles in for example, The Rainbow Team, helping handicapped scouts. In addition, she enjoys travelling very much and has participated in several summer camps: In Iceland and biking in South West France. Regions visited include Eastern USA, Europe, the West Indies and the Middle East. She enjoys practising sport, photography, drawing, and painting.

  • Tabea Ebel

    *6. 11. 1989 in New Dehli, India. She went to the “Deutsche Schule London” from 1996 to 2002. Due to her parents work for the German embassy she moved to Washington D.C., USA, and attended the “Deutsche Schule Washington” from 2002 to 2005. In June 2009 she passed her A-Level in Berlin, Germany. While she attended school she was leader of the social program of the school, which mainly concentrated on supporting the organization “Plan”. Main objective was to help poor children in foreign countries. Additional she was a tutor in mathematics. After her exams she worked for a sightseeing company in Berlin in order to finance her participation of the CARAVAN project. She enjoys the company of friends, laughs a lot and likes to draw, to read and to listen to music.

  • Victoria Eberhardt

    *24. 2. 1985, in San Jose, Uruguay and raised in Germany. She spent her school years until the age of eleven  in Bergisch-Gladbach. Afterwards she attended Stonar School, a boarding school in England near Bath, where she passed her A-Levels. A fan of riding, she stayed for one more year in England to pass some exams of the British Horse Society. After her England years, she decided to go to Brussels for a one-year course of Management and Communication at Cours Melius and studied afterwards hotel management. She now works as a receptionist at the hotel Le Plaza, a five star hotel in the heart of Brussels.

    Working as a volunteer on the World Youth Day 2005 and participating in the Lebanon Summer Camp 2009 inspired Viktoria to take part in the CARAVAN project. She is now looking forward to combining social work with a great learning experience in the Middle East that will broaden her perspective. 


Diane Moussa


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